UPDATED: 11/10/21 

All design services provided by Strait Services Inc. under these terms shall be for the exclusive use of the CLIENT. Upon full payment of all fees and expenses*, reproduction rights for all approved final designs created by Strait Services Inc. for this project shall be granted to CLIENT. All original artwork files created by Strait Services Inc. or parts contained therein, whether preliminary concepts or final visual presentation remains the property of the Strait Services Inc. and may not be used by the CLIENT without the written permission of Strait Services Inc.. Strait Services Inc. retains the right to use the completed project and any preliminary designs for the purpose of design competitions, future publications on design, educational purposes, marketing materials, online posting on Strait Services Inc. websites, social media properties and portfolios. Strait Services Inc. will be considerate of product release or marketing campaign timelines in regards to any social media post(s) in regards to CLIENT project if notified prior to project start date. Where applicable, the CLIENT will be given any necessary credit for usage of the project elements. Strait Services Inc. is not responsible for errors in spelling, color, or design in regards to any and all artwork submitted by the CLIENT to Strait Services Inc. It is assumed that all artwork submitted to Strait Services Inc. by the CLIENT has been approved by CLIENT prior to submission and is production ready. Not all Pantone or PMS colors can exactly be duplicated by digital printing or painting due to contingencies (file type, color profile, palette, etc). Strait Services, Inc. will attempt to match any specific color requests. Should CLIENT require a printed proof prior to printing, please notify Strait Services Inc. & we will arrange for a proof to be provided for an additional fee.

Before any printing, you will have to approve either a digital or hard proof. CLIENT is responsible for any spelling, grammatical errors, number errors, etc. Strait Services, Inc. will not print until CLIENT approval. All approvals will be done through emailed link. Any changes after final approval of artwork will result in assessing additional charges for any time or materials used to make changes after our production process begins. Approval can come in the form of an email from CLIENT with clear indication of decision to move forward on the project and acknowledgement of these terms and conditions.

CLIENT is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is clean and free of surface debris. We recommend washing the vehicle one day prior to installation. Please make sure there is no wax or paint sealers used during or after this wash. A simple solution of water and dish soap is recommended. If a vehicle is not delivered to the designated location in a washed, dried and ready to install condition, Strait Services Inc. shall recommend taking it to be washed before completing drop off. If it is decided that the vehicle is to be left in the condition without cleaning, Strait Services Inc. will charge a cleaning fee of $75.00 per vehicle that requires washing and drying prior to installation. CLIENT agrees that any additional work or materials not specifically set forth in the invoice are an extra which shall be billed and charged by Strait Services Inc. at its regular prices including, but not limited to, hourly rates for labor and services of $100.00 per hour and costs for goods and materials at costs plus twenty (20%) percent. CLIENT agrees that they shall pay for all extras billed and charged by Strait Services Inc. paid upon receipt of the invoice and subject to a late charge of 1.5% of the total invoice per month until balance is paid in full.

CLIENT is responsible for ANY EXSISTING DAMAGE TO PROPERTY Strait Services Inc. shall inspect property and substrates for damage pre installation and record on a pre install form. Strait Services Inc. will not install before CLIENT signing pre inspection report. Strait Services Inc. does not assume liability for faulty paint, faulty construction, or any other cosmetic building issues.

CLIENT or authorized representative of CLIENT is to drop off the vehicle the day prior to the scheduled installation. A fee of $250 will be applied to your bill for cancellations/no-shows for appointed drop off times without proper notice within 3 business days of the project scheduled date. Rescheduled appointments are subject to the next available installation date as of the date the rescheduling is requested. Vehicles not dropped off the day before can result in a delay of the project.

At vehicle drop off, a Strait Services Inc. representative will perform a pre-inspection of a CLIENT vehicle. This inspection is to identify any pre-existing conditions of surfaces of the vehicle, functionality of windows, door locks, lights. etc. Any existing conditions will be logged and photographed. This is not a mechanical vehicle inspection. Any existing or underlying mechanical issues (engine problems, battery, brakes, transmission, etc) that are beyond our initial inspection are considered existing and not as a result of any work that Strait Services Inc. performed or will perform on the vehicle. Neither Strait Services Inc. nor its designated agents and/or subcontractors shall be responsible for any damage sustained to any vehicle prior to delivery. Any damage sustained to a vehicle prior to delivery will be noted by Strait Services Inc. If CLIENT can not sign the pre-inspection form due to time constraints or availability during this process, the inspection will still proceed and prior to work being done, the inspection form will be sent digitally to CLIENT for signature for acknowledgement of any found issues. If the vehicle is dropped off without any acknowledgement of signing/sending the pre-inspection form , the vehicles presence in the shop after one (1) business day will act as an acceptance of the vehicles condition, which will still be logged.

Due to many unknown factors that exist prior to receiving a vehicle for a vinyl removal project, Strait Services Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damage that has occurred prior to and/or during the vinyl removal process. Those unknown factors include and are not limited to: Any damage exposed during the original installation of the vinyl graphics (ie; knife marks, burns, and scratches, etc.) from the original company. Flaking or peeling paint/finish caused by road debris, bugs, pressure washing, poor repair work, accidents, etc. Pre-existing paint damage that has been hidden or covered by the vinyl graphic. Ghosted images that have been transferred from the vinyl graphic removed to the paint/substrate surface. Tool marks, scratches, scrapes caused by the removal process. These typically occur when a graphic has been left on too long and the graphic becomes permanently bonded to the paint. Strait Services Inc. uses special non-metal tools to remove vinyl. The chemicals used for vinyl/adhesive removal are rated safe for most finishes as per the manufacturer of product.

Single-stage paint finishes, powder-coated finishes, oxidized surfaces, plastics, non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, pre-existing customizations and rubber are more susceptible to damage. Vehicle components may or may not need to be temporarily dismantled to ensure complete vinyl removal under and around said areas. Re-assembly of these components during previous vinyl installation may or may not have been completed correctly. Strait Services Inc. is not responsible for damages as a result. Any issues that can and will be problematic will be addressed with the customer immediately as well as documented thoroughly. Vehicle logos and emblems will not be re-affixed by Strait Services Inc. per industry standard**. Strait Services does not install vinyl over the top of vehicle emblems ever, emblems that have been installed over the top of the existing vinyl wrap can damage the emblem during the removal process.

Strait Services Inc. employees performing the removal are trained to remove vinyl as per the vinyl manufacturer standards with great care and accuracy. By committing to have Strait Services Inc. perform a graphic removal, there is a chance that damage to the substrate can occur during the removal process. CLIENT also waives the right to hold Strait Services Inc. responsible for any damage that may occur during the removal process of previously installed vinyl. (Any claims of damages need to be submitted in writing within two (2) days of vehicle pickup/delivery. All claims will be reviewed on an individual basis.)

CLIENT understands that the product purchased is a vinyl vehicle wrap. It is also understood that unlike a paint job on a vehicle, there can and will be seams, overlays, and patches that are necessary to cover the entire vehicle and its contours and/or substrate irregularities. It is also understood that upon approval of final graphic proofs, some changes to the finalized artwork may be necessary at time of installation to allow the vehicle wrap to fit the vehicle’s shape. CLIENT authorizes Strait Services Inc. to make such necessary changes. Strait Services Inc. will notify CLIENT if the change significantly modifies the approved design.

In the event that an on-site installation is scheduled by the CLIENT, any and all down time will be billed at $100/hour. All CLIENT specified installations will be subject to approval based on location, weather, and availability. Any and/or all aspects of CLIENT installation location that do not meet our installation or vinyl warranty standards will be subject to a loss of warranty of product and installation. All on-site installations will be documented.

CLIENT or authorized representative of CLIENT shall pick up and take delivery of any vehicle when the wrap installation has been completed at its sole costs and expense. Remaining charges must be paid before release of the vehicle. CLIENT shall bear all risk of loss for any vehicle after completion of the wrap installation. Any vehicle not collected after completion will be subject to an additional charge and storage fees in the amount of $75.00 per day.  Client will be contacted at the time of completion to pick up their vehicle.  Two (2) business days after that contact attempt is made, if the CLIENT does not respond, a second contact will contain the information of the storage fees and client will have one (1) business day to retrieve the vehicle before storage fees are amended to the invoice.

In the event any portion of a provision of this agreement is deemed to be invalid or unlawful, the remainder of such provision and all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect and binding between Strait Services Inc. and CLIENT. This agreement may be signed in any number of counter parts including by way of facsimile and all of which shall be deemed an original and one in the same. This agreement constitutes the full and final understanding of both Strait Services Inc. and CLIENT. Strait Services Inc. and CLIENT agree that there are no other agreements or understandings by and between them except as reflected and memorialized in this agreement and that they are not relying upon any other oral statement or understanding outside of this agreement to enter into the same.

By initialing and signing the Vehicle Release form when their project is completed shows that the CLIENT is satisfied with the vehicle wrap design and installation performed by Strait Services Inc.  They will have been instructed by a representative of Strait Services Inc. about the proper care of CLIENT wrap and have been given proper documentation for the care that is required for the vinyl wrap in order to properly maintain the integrity of the materials installed on my vehicle. CLIENT is made aware that a purchase of a wrap through Strait Services Inc. includes a One (1) Year Installation Warranty (exclusions apply).  This warranty will cover any installation-related issues that may occur within one calendar year from the completion date of the completion of the vehicle wrap project. It is known to CLIENT that they can return the vehicle to Strait Services, Inc. for repair and/or re-installation of any sections that have failed after an approved survey by a qualified Strait Services Inc. representative. This warranty is not valid if installation is performed outside of manufacturer specifications and recommended vinyl installation conditions. A vinyl wrap inspection is required once every three (3) months, up to one (1) year from the completed installation date.  CLIENT will understand that missing a warranty checkup will void installation warranty.  CLIENT is made aware that any post-installation damages to the wrap that are not because of the installation performed on the vehicle. CLIENT is made aware that any pre-existing damage that was identified and documented during the pre-inspection process as areas not able to support wrap vinyl adhesion are not covered under this one (1) year warranty. CLIENT is financially responsible for any charges to repair, replace, or reinstall the vinyl wrap in areas that have been damaged post-installation that are not covered by the warranty conditions listed above. In the event of the post-installation damage being covered by insurance, CLIENT is aware that Strait Services Inc. will provide the insurance agency a quote based on the vinyl area needing replacement and the labor required to perform the replacement. CLIENT is made aware the wrap vinyl that Strait Services Inc. has used on my vehicle comes with a manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty will vary based on material used. If any issues arise, CLIENT is to contact Strait Services Inc. immediately to schedule an inspection to assess and document the vinyl issue for the purposes of assisting filing a claim with the manufacturer for vinyl replacement under the term period of the materials warranty. CLIENT understands that manufacturer warranty is only valid as long as CLIENT properly maintains and performs the proper manufacturer recommended vinyl maintenance guidelines. CLIENT understands that they must give Strait Services Inc. a chance to correct any concerns about the project upon pickup before requesting a refund***, full or in part, from Strait Services Inc., CLIENT’s credit card company and/or bank.

*fees charged by Strait Services include a design fee. If we wrap your vehicle, we provide discounted design rates as a service to our wraps customers. If CLIENT decides to not go forward with their wrap project, the CLIENT will be responsible for the full design rate of 800.00 dollars.

** vehicle emblems are not reinstalled unless customer requests it. Strait Services accepts no liability for molding strips or emblems as many times removal damages them.

*** All jobs require half down before the start of your project, deposits are non refundable because design labor has already been performed and materials are non returnable.